We invite everyone join "Mom and Baby" group!
Welcome to the "Mom and Baby" group! Contrary to the name, any other adult dad, grandmother or nanny can come to this class with a baby.
The teacher creates an environment, conducts a general lesson and can help with advice, but the main goal Montessori lesson is an individual work with materials. Encourage your child to choose their own activity, a comfortable place in the classroom, and how long they want to explore this or that material.
One of the key principles of Montessori pedagogy is: "Help me to do it myself ". Do not interfere unnecessarily, observe more, create situations of success when your child makes significant efforts to achieve it, and then each activity will contribute to the development of the child's independence.
Here are some tips to help you.

One child - one adult. If you have twins / triplets, make sure that each baby has an experienced and reliable companion. If there is only one child, and there are many who want to attend the lesson, distribute the family's strength and take turns.
Please turn off the sound on your phone, or ideally try to leave your phone in your bag. Then neither you, nor the child, nor other families can be disturbed by a sudden call.
Active participation in a common activity is a huge step for a small person. Children need time to get comfortable in the classroom, to establish trusting relationships with the teacher and other families. Do not rush your child if he is not yet ready to sing, dance or repeat new words. By observing other people, the kid is already learning! During the lesson, you can quietly work at a table, read a book, just sit on the mat.
A joint lesson is your gift to your child. Learn, look, draw, cut, taste, read, smell, listen, repeat, invent together! May this time be truly happy for boy of you!