Umami is the place where we do not teach children, but only create conditions in which learning is interesting for them. The idea to create Umami kindergarten appeared 8 years ago, when I got my first child, and then during the search for a safe place (besides home), where he can spend time, communicate with his age-mates and adults, grow and develop. Unfortunately, at that time I did not find anything like this in Ukraine, and I started educating my child on my own. Later we were to move to Austria, and it was there where I saw what kind of kindergartens and schools there may be, what kind of relationship the teacher and pupils have there, and I was greatly inspired. Ever since, wherever we travel, I always visit kindergartens and schools, take notes of what I want to have, or vice versa, what I definitely don't want. During this time I managed to get acquainted with many professionals in their field, I myself studied to be a teacher with coaches of the Dutch Montessori school and then I understood for sure that I was ready and needed to start!
Yuliya, Founder of UMAMI
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  • Lolita
    I have received a Teacher degree and since the university years, when I did my internship at schools and used to work as a camp counselor, I knew that there were some drawbacks in the traditional approach of education. As I've got more acquainted with the Montessori method at NMV and AMI courses, I realized that this teaching method is an actualization of all my ideas about children's upbringing. After I graduated from university, my occupation was more concerned with the administrative area, where I've discovered my organizational and administrative capabilities.
    Since I completed my MBA, I have obtained a chance to get a perfect job, where my two specializations are merged - to become UMAMI Director.
  • Olga
    I have Pedagogical education and currently, I'm completing a Master's degree in Psychology.

    I learned about the Montessori method by my children. When 9 years ago I became a mum, I was strongly intended, being a teacher myself, to find no only a leisure place for my son but space, where he could be happy and receive new knowledge with pleasure. I looked through a lot of educational methods and assured that only the Montessori method is based on the age-related psychology of children. Now, I'm sure I've made the right decision to choose the Montessori method. I saw my child happy and thrilled while attending the kindergarten every day, he was always eager to tell about his interests. When my daughter was born I decided to become a professional Montessori teacher. I completed a course and received the Certificate of Assistant to Early Childhood Montessori Teacher 0-3 and 3-6 AMI. Besides I finished a pedagogical course in teaching children aged 0-3, 3-6 years old conducted by the Austrian Montessori academy. Now I feel that being a Montessori teacher is my true calling.

    I'm deeply in love with my occupation and consider it to be one of the most important parts of my life as I can help kids to get acquainted with this world, fall in love with it and develop themselves.
  • Tatiana
    I have a near-native level of English since I spent my early childhood in the USA. I also speak Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and I've been studying American Sign Language and Polish. I am a mother. I am also a certified English teacher and have experience working with little ones 0-6. I act as a guide mentor, and try to lead by example.
    I speak only English in class, this is something I have tried for years and the results are amazing! You surely know speaking is the skill people struggle with most, it was a matter of a few months when my children started building-up their own sentences.Travelling is a passion of mine and I've worked and lived in US and South America. As a Montessori teacher I am happy to share the responsibility of creating a stimulating environment within which your little angels will feel safe, cherished, and empowered.
  • Jeffrey
    My name is Jeff. I am from Louisiana deep in the southern United States. When I was younger I got to travel around the world and learn how different, and similar, everyone really is. I was actually homeschooled all the way up to highschool so you can imagine how excited I was to find a montessori school to work with. Learning hands on is the way I grew up! This has carried over into my adult life in a huge way, I learn about anything I need I need to know. How to fix my car, hunt mushrooms safely, blacksmithing, mansonary work, learning how to grow my own herbs and veggies in Ukraine, the list goes on and on.
    I have had the opportunity to work with kids throughout my life, here in Ukraine I have worked in a public school through and english company, taught kindergarteners english over the computer (which is about as hard as it sounds!) and taught group private lessons for children. So far my absolute favorite environment is the one that is created at Umami. I can't wait to work more with the kids and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them everyday.
  • Kimberley S. Gaufo
    I am Kimberley S. Gaufo. I'm from the Philippines and English is my second language. I have a Bachelor's degree in BSE English from the Philippine Normal University. I have been teaching for 13 years. I was an English facilitator for pre-school to grade school students. I have a 4-year experience as an ESL Teacher to Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai learners- primary to adults. I am a certified Montessori guide, level 3-6. I received my Montessori teaching certificate from MIA (Montessori Institute of America). I have a total of 6 years working experience as a Montessori guide- 2 years in an international pre-school in the Philippines and 4 years in Vietnam. Last year, I took up another Montessori training, level 3-6 under AMS (American Montessori Society) to be more equipped and knowledgeable as a Montessori teacher. I truly believe that the Montessori method is effective to help in child's whole development. Also, being a Montessori teacher is highly fulfilling and rewarding.

    "The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit."-Maria Montessori
  • Victor
    Hello everyone! My name is Mr. Victor and I am the new Assistant Teacher at the Montessori school "Umami".

    I believe that Montessori is one of the most useful approaches, which allow laying the foundation for the harmonious and comprehensive development of personality.
    That is why I am really interested in being a part of this school.

    I am an energetic person with excellent communication skills, complemented by natural charisma which plays a key role in ensuring a high level of teaching.
    I am a graduate of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. I have the certification of the teacher of English language (TEFL, CELTA), and also I have completed a course on teaching English in the Montessori environment.
    I have experience both in Ukraine and abroad:
    I worked in the rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, where I took part in a number of international conferences and projects sponsored by Erasmus+.
    Thanks to the international platform named "AISEC", I received a grant for an internship in Vietnam, where I lived and worked for five years.

    I have extensive experience working with preschool children. In particular, I was an assistant in a Montessori class for three years, and for a year I worked at an international school based on the STEM method.

    My strengths are the responsibility and feeling the needs of each student, which allows me to develop friendly relations that create the possibility of more relaxed and exciting learning.
  • Alexandra
    As a diplomat by education, I lived in many countries, saw different education systems. Having become a mother of two sons, I realized that the upbringing principles of Maria Montessori are very close to me.

    The independence of the child, respect for his personality, the disclosure of his talents when developing in a specially prepared environment are essential. And, as a result, the child gets confident in his abilities.

    I have strengthened my knowledge and skills by completing my teaching assistant certificate and other early childhood education courses in London. I am happy to use them when working with children 0-3. When communicating with children, I fluently speak English.
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